Motions for AGM 2021

Motion 1: Support for Liverpool UCU – Cuts to Health and Life Sciences : Proposed by DG Driver seconded by Titus Hilberdink This branch notes: The appalling decision by the University of Liverpool to make Health and Life Science teachers and researchers redundant The detrimental effect this will have on student learning The devastating impactContinue reading “Motions for AGM 2021”

Our 10 Manifesto Commitments

Ensuring full implementation of the collective agreement to move teaching members from grade 6 to grade 7 and acknowledgement of previous work within new contracts Protecting our pensions in coordination with national UCU strategy and solidarity with other branches Committee accountability and transparency; regular minuted branch and committee meetings with a focus on inclusion andContinue reading “Our 10 Manifesto Commitments”

Third letter to the VC

In response to her second open letter to the Vice-Chancellor, Dr Deepa Govindarajan Driver received the following reply: Dear Deepa, Thank you for your letter to me dated 5 October 2020. Your description of the recent consultation process as a “sham” does a disservice to your colleagues on the local UCU branch, your UCU Regional Officer,Continue reading “Third letter to the VC”

Second letter to the VC

Dear Professor Van de Noort, Thank you for your e-mail dated 23rd September 2020, in response to my letter dated 11th September 2020. It is very disappointing that you “neither recognise nor accept your (ie my) interpretation of the University’s position or its conduct, and see no reason to ‘withdraw the S188 notice’.” Indeed, itContinue reading “Second letter to the VC”

Where did the £5 million go?

Executive summary The required savings stated in the “Final Proposal” – to be paid for by wage cuts and changes in terms and conditions – are £5 million more than the figure the RUCU President’s blog suggests was agreed upon by the consultation group. Why are RUCU members being asked to vote on a dealContinue reading “Where did the £5 million go?”

Save the University. We’ll sack you later

We have been threatened with redundancy at the same time as being expected to return to work under dangerous and stressful conditions. Save the University! Across the summer, we worked beyond our contracted hours to get students through remote exams and re-sits; we also responded to the chaotic admissions situation to ensure successful recruitment forContinue reading “Save the University. We’ll sack you later”