Where did the £5 million go?

Executive summary The required savings stated in the “Final Proposal” – to be paid for by wage cuts and changes in terms and conditions – are £5 million more than the figure the RUCU President’s blog suggests was agreed upon by the consultation group. Why are RUCU members being asked to vote on a dealContinue reading “Where did the £5 million go?”

Save the University. We’ll sack you later

We have been threatened with redundancy at the same time as being expected to return to work under dangerous and stressful conditions. Save the University! Across the summer, we worked beyond our contracted hours to get students through remote exams and re-sits; we also responded to the chaotic admissions situation to ensure successful recruitment forContinue reading “Save the University. We’ll sack you later”

Majority of RUCU Committee rejects proposal

Between 18th September and 9th October Reading UCU members will be balloted on whether they accept the Consultation Group’s Final Proposal. If accepted, the university will implement a three-year pay freeze and pay cuts for all employees earning over c.£18,000 per year, including part-time workers earning that on a pro rata rate. As the majorityContinue reading “Majority of RUCU Committee rejects proposal”

Reasons to vote NO to the University Proposal

The figures are flawed Our modelling suggests that the VC’s figures are out by up to £50 million. Quite a lot for a man who prides himself on ‘transparency’, eh? Especially when the savings senior management said they aimed to make through salary cuts were just £60 million. Even the university admitted its own modellingContinue reading “Reasons to vote NO to the University Proposal”

The University Proposal: Reading Between the Lines

In June 2020, the University of Reading commenced consultation via a section 188 notice in response to a claimed financial shortfall arising from Covid-19. In a move that was unprecedented in higher education, the University put ALL staff at risk, with the threat that it would fire and rehire employees on inferior contracts, if agreementContinue reading “The University Proposal: Reading Between the Lines”

Myth Busting at the University of Reading

All staff at the University of Reading have been asked to accept cuts to their terms and conditions – through a combination of pay freezes, removal from national pay bargaining, pay cuts, and cuts to the working week – to avoid 500 FTE redundancies. Given the levels of casualisation, this could mean 800-900 staff losingContinue reading “Myth Busting at the University of Reading”

Statement of Issues with RUCU Survey

Issues and concerns regarding RUCU all-member survey 28-31 July 2020  On Tuesday 28 July, ReadingUCU issued an all-member survey closing on 31 July 2020. The survey which was NOT approved by the branch committee, and which the majority of branch committee members neither reviewed nor contributed to before circulation, purported to inform the RUCU negotiators’Continue reading “Statement of Issues with RUCU Survey”

Explanatory Letter to All Staff – The Missing Link

RUCU (representing grades 6 and above in collective consultation) is the recognised trade union that can come to agreement with the University in relation to the proposed cuts. We are concerned there have been serious breaches of process within RUCU, that undermine democracy because they present members with misleading, incorrect and incomplete information on whichContinue reading “Explanatory Letter to All Staff – The Missing Link”